Warranty Information


Tires must be returned to the dealer/retailer from whom the tire was originally purchased (this includes mail order and online purchases). If the tire was fitted as original equipment, the tire should be returned to the dealer/retailer from whom the vehicle was originally purchased. The purchaser is responsible for all associated shipping and handling costs for their return. All returns must be submitted as listed above. Direct warranty requests will not be accepted.


  • There is no warranty offered for mileage/wear on Motorcycle/ATV tires.
  • Tires improperly repaired with section repairs, or whose sidewalls have been modified by the addition or removal of material. The serviceability of any repaired/altered tire is entirely the responsibility of the person making the repair or modification.
  • Tires fitted with used, damaged or incorrect size inner tubes.
  • Tires in which anything other than air has been used as the support medium.
  • Tires rendered unserviceable by road/trail/track hazard-type damage such as impact breaks, punctures, cuts.
  • Tires rendered to be misaligned, unbalanced, under or over-inflated, overloaded, or improperly mounted.
  • Tires with less than 1/32nd of an inch of tread depth in any portion of the tire.
  • Tires more than 4 years old, or purchased more than 2 years ago, whichever comes first.
  • Mounting, balancing, and other charges (such as towing) related to your claim.
  • Tires other than original size supplied as standard by OEM.
  • Tires with speed rating, load index or casing other than that as recommended by the OEM.
  • Tires mounted more than one time.
  • Tires ridden extensively in conditions/terrain other than that as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Damaged bead wire and or bead seat area
  • Tires that are submitted by anyone other than the original purchaser/owner of the product in question.

Approved claims will receive replacement tires only unless a direct monetary exchange has been done between the claimant and Kenda Tire during the purchase of the item in question.