Series: AWRCS, EROC, IXCR, NECXC, NGPC, NYOA Contingency 2024


The Kenda Kash Awards Program is designed to reward racers who achieve racing success while using Kenda tires. Kenda Kash is offered to top finishers in all listed classes who use Kenda tires and display Kenda Decals. Kenda Kash is redeemable towards the purchase of tires through Kenda Tire.

Program Requirements

  1. Kenda Tires must be on all 2 wheels (Bike) or 4 wheels (ATV).
  2. Kenda Tires Logo must be displayed on both sides of your vehicle.
  3. A minimum of 6 participants must be entered per class/per round for the race to be eligible for payout.
  4. Forms must be completed and submitted for EACH ROUND.
  5. Forms must be received by Kenda Tire within 30 days of the race date.
  6. Riders must send a screenshot of the results with the form.
  7. Image(s) of the rider at the event that clearly displays the use of Kenda Tires, and the Logos are required.

Claim Procedure:

Please email your completed forms and images to sponsorship@kendapowersports.com  

Please allow up to 2 weeks for Kenda Kash to be credited and 2 weeks for your order to be completed. You will receive an email notification when your Kenda Kash has been processed to your rider profile.

Expiration Date: December 31st, 2024

Please note: Purchase price of tires is based on current MSRP pricing. Riders that receive free products are not eligible for Kenda Kash. 

Should you have any questions or need Kenda decals/logo please contact rider support at sponsorship@kendapowersports.com

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Local/Regional Contingency payout: