October 29, 2018 / Powersports

Mike Gardner and Gordon Griffiths of Kenda recently traveled to Vietnam and India for factory tours and meetings with manufactures about new opportunities. The Kenda manufacturing facilities in Vietnam produce primarily radial tires and bias tires that include automotive, bicycle, motorcycle and lawn & garden. These facilities also manufacture the K6302 tire for Hero Motorcycle.

The Vietnam factory tour where the Hero motorcycle tires are produced lead seamlessly into the tour of Hero Motorcycle in India. Hero Motorcycle is the world’s largest two-wheeled manufacturer with over 80 million motorcycles sold. 

Kenda met with Hero Motorcycle representatives to discuss future business of original equipment tire placement on their motorcycles. Currently Kenda provides tires to Hero in the scooter department and 17” motorcycle department, but is also developing a new 18” motorcycle tire. Currently Kenda divisions across the globe are collaborating on the engineering and development of the 18” tires with software testing and analysis. The tires will then be physically screened with a professional evaluator on a closed track before being submitted to Hero.

As an experienced test rider, Mike was the initial evaluator for the 18” Kenda motorcycle tires. For testing, he rode the Hero Glamour with the benchmark tires and then with Kenda tires to see where improvements could be made. Mike, Gordon and the rest of the Kenda team worked with Hero’s motorcycle testing evaluators to understand how they rank the tires and what characteristics to look for. All the testing was done on Hero’s in house track, where unfortunately, no photos were allowed to be taken.

 Stay tuned for future updates on the progress of the new 18" motorcycle tire and other future Kenda Worldwide news.