Kenda unveils UTV tire based on Klever R/T light-truck tire.

April 13, 2020 / Powersports

REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio — Kenda Tire USA Inc. has unveiled the Klever XT, a UTV tire based on the design of the company's Klever R/T KR601 light truck tire.

The company said it has had a lot of success with the Klever R/T as many consumers are looking for a rugged tire that performs off-road like an M/T tire but drives on the highway like an A/T tire.

Kenda said the Klever XT has a "silky smooth" ride on road and "exceptional" traction off road, much like its light-truck tire cousin.

The Klever XT is a DOT-approved steel-belted radial that will come in a range of sizes up to 32x10-15. The tire launches in size 28x10-R14, with other sizes in the lineup expected to be available later this year, the company said.

Klever XT features a robust bead protector to shield the tire from rocks, and the company said it is the lightest eight-ply steel-belted UTV tire on the market.

For winter conditions, the tire features a studdable design adapted from the KR601 light-truck tire.

"This has been a great collaboration with our automotive division to give UTV drivers the same level of performance people expect from their truck tires," Jason Baldwin, Kenda's director of powersports, said.

"Now drivers can run the same tread on their UTV as they do on their truck."


This story republished from Tire Business.